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Kanji learning with a Spaced Repetition System for quicker learning

Flugual is a Blazor .NET application that I developed to help Japanese language learners in studying the Kanji that are listed in Heisig’s Remembering the Kanji Book. The application uses a Spaced Repetition System with the SuperMemo Algorithm, this has all been developed using Blazor WebAssembly and can be run on the client without the need for any servers.

The application is also using a CI/CD pipeline built on GitHub Actions, which allows for a new version of the application to be deployed when PRs are merged into the master branch. For the styling I ended up using Tailwind CSS for its ease of use and premade CSS examples for certain parts of the site.

I developed this application to help me along my Japanese language learning journey and to finally play around with Blazor WebAssembly and see what it could do. Overall I found Blazor to be extremely useful and writing C# for the web without needing a server, a novel experience.



Image from Flugual project
Image from Flugual project
Image from Flugual project
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