Monthly Review - October 2020

Catch Up on Everything that happened in October 2020

Image by Taylor Vick

Happy November! I’ve just wrapped up my first month of blogging, though this post is a few days late as I’ve been busy moving to Melbourne in the past week and preparing to start my Masters. Recapping October, the highlights were passing the Azure AI-900 Fundamentals Exam and completing the Elements of AI Course for my learning project (Will be posting a review about this course in November).

In the next month I will be starting my Masters, completing my first personal project which will be a course/tutorial about creating an end-to-end solution for determining whether flights will be late based on data scraped from the internet, completing the CS50 AI Course, and Starting my language learning journey. I Plan to write a few blog posts about these topics and more too.

With that out the way, lets recap the last month of the blog.

Featured Posts of October

How I Passed AI-900 Azure AI Fundamentals

I recently passed the AI-900 Azure AI Fundamentals Exam and wrote a blog post on all the preparation I did to the pass the exam which turned out to be quite straightforward. A great read for anyone wanting to sit the Exam or get started with Azure Machine Learning (Click here to check it out).

Getting Started with Azure Content Moderator

When I had a day free in October, I decided to play around with the Azure Content Moderator and write a Blog Post about it, the service from Microsoft allows you to moderate text and much more. In the post I also include example python notebooks to for easy experimentation (Click here to check it out).

Book of the Month - How I Built This by Guy Raz


My book of the month has been How I Built This by Guy Raz, this book is a brilliant read for anyone who wants to get started on being an entrepreneur or just hear some inspiring stories of other entrepreneurs. The Author of the Book is the awesome Guy Raz behind the NPR podcast of the same name (Available Here). The book is available as an Audiobook, eBook and Physical Book (Use the audiobook link to get the book free with a 30-day Audible Trial*).

Thats all for this summary and until next month, thanks for reading and as always, I’d love to hear from you in the comments.