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Add Dropbox or Google Drive Syncing to Kobo Readers

This is a written version of the video I just released, you can watch the video below.

Kobo Readers are a great eReader to the Kindle and allow you to not be locked into the Amazon Ecosystem. One drawback to these readers is the lack of the email function but I’ve found a solution I would call better. The solution to this is a mod called KoboCloud, this mod adds the ability to sync with cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Installing KoboCloud The first step is to head to https://github.com/fsantini/KoboCloud and go to the releases page, once there you can download the KoboRoot.tgz file.

Once downloaded you can plug in your Kobo reader to your computer, once it connects go into file explorer and copy the KoboRoot.tgz file you downloaded into the .kobo directory. Once the copy is complete eject the device and it will reboot

When the device reboots you will need to plug your device in again and then navigate to the .add/kobocloud directory and open the kobocloudrc file, once you open the file you will need to add the links to a shared folder in your cloud storage platform (See below how to create the folders in each platform).

# Lines starting with '#' are ignored
# Google drive:
# Dropbox:

Example of kobocloudrc file

Once you save the file you’ll need to disconnect your device and restart it by holding the off button. When the reader reboots you will need to make sure that WIFI is enabled and it will begin to download the files from your cloud service.

Creating the Folder in Cloud Services To create a new folder for KoboCloud in Google Drive first create a folder in your drive and then right-click the folder and select “Get Shareable Link”, next make sure the dropdown has “Anyone with the link” is also selected. Now copy the link into your kobocloudrc file.

Google Drive Share Dialog When creating the folder for KoboCloud in Dropbox you will need to first create a folder, once it’s created you can click on the ellipsis and then select share. When the dialog appears click copy link and paste it into your kobocloudrc file.

Dropbox Share Dialog Troubleshooting Issues KoboCloud creates a log file located in the .add/kobocloud that details any issues you will encounter, if you cant understand the error message feel free to post it in the comments.

Overall the KoboCloud mod makes the Kobo a much more capable eReader as it doesn’t require a USB connection every time you want to transfer a book.

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