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Check out some of my latest articles that range from Machine Learning to Programming
Getting Started with Sega Genesis Development on MacSGDK is an open-source Sega Genesis / Mega Drive SDK that allows for software to be written in C for the Sega Genesis. In this post we will be going over on how to set up your first project on macOS.
Tutorial - Unity Wireframe effect for Metal (iOS, Mac)Want a retro Vectrex like wireframe effect that works on Apple Metal for MacOS and iOS development? Well look no further as in this tutorial we will be developing an effect that works via a C# script in Unity 2021.3.
3 Simpler Alternatives to BlenderJust getting started with game development or finding Blender too hard to use? In this article we look three simpler alternatives to blender that might be the perfect match for your next project.
Choosing A Game Engine for Your First GameChoosing a game engine for your first game or new prototype can be difficult and if wrong can waste time. In this post we compare two of the major engines from a existing C# developer's perspective.
Using a WebAssembly based Search in Gatsby with StorkWant a fast client side search on your Gatsby site that uses the Rust Based Stork Search well look no further.
Getting Started with Azure Content ModeratorAbout a month ago, while reflecting on recent events I asked myself a question, what's next? In this post I talk about my switch to Machine Learning and Data Science.
How I Passed AI-900 Azure AI FundamentalsIn this post I talk about my experience with the Azure AI Fundamentals Exam and the best resources to pass it.
What is Automotive Grade Linux and How To Test it OutAutomotive Grade Linux is an open-source platform for the automotive industry. In this post, we will go over the history and how to try it out.
Wireless Apple CarPlay on the Raspberry Pi 3/4 with a DongleWireless Apple CarPlay on the Pi is now possible with a Dongle and an Android Image but does it work well?
Is the iPod Still Relevant in 2020?The iPod was one of the most popular pieces of tech in the 2000s. In this post, we are going to be focusing on the relevancy of the iPod in 2020.
Add Dropbox or Google Drive Syncing to Kobo ReadersUpgrade a Kobo reader to sync with cloud services for a computerless experience using the KoboCloud mod.
Budget 4 Core Upgrade for the Lenovo ThinkPad T440PLearn how to replace the CPU in a Lenovo ThinkPad T440P with a quad-core and an SSD on a budget to almost double performance.
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